Orchestra (with/without soloists):


Akatalepsia (2018) (18 min.)

for large orchestra perc-hp-

w.p. 31.10.2018 Vienna, Konzerthaus, Wien Modern, Wiener Symphoniker, Sylvain Cambreling

Vortex Peccatorum - The Seven Deadly Sins in the Time of Alternative Facts (2017/18) (21 min.)

for orchestra

w.p. Season 2017/2018 Helsingborg (for dates, check the performances page)

2 movements for "Koloman Wallisch Cantata" (Text Bertolt Brecht) (2016)

- "Die Schutzbundkunschafter melden..." for tenor, bass and orchestra

- "Gewehre gegen Haubitzen" for choir and orchestra perc-strings

w.p. 13.05.2016 Bruck/Mur, Symphony Orchestra Szombathely


carmen perpetuum (2014)

for flute and string orchestra (duration 15 minutes)

w.p. 13.03.2014 Villach, Kongresshaus, Maria Fedotova, Wiener Concertverein, Martin Sieghart (follow-up performances on 14.&15.03.2014 in Laxenburg, 16.03.2014 Vienna, Musikverein, Brahms Hall, same musicians)


Koren (2014)

Concerto for violin and orchestra (duration 15 minutes) – – strings

w.p. 27.04.2013 Vienna, Musikverein, Brahms Hall, Vera Novakova, Wiener Concertverein, Martin Sieghart (follow-up performance on 29.04.2013 in Monaco, same musicians)


Herbarium (2008)

4 miniatures for orchestra

not yet performed


Sappho Fragmente (2006)

for large orchestra and soprano

not yet performed


Ensemble (with/without soloists):


musique noire I (2019) (14 min.)

for solo horn and ensemble


w.p. 08.04.2019 Vienna, Musikverein, Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Peter Erdei and Peter Keuschnig

From Muybridge. The Human Figure in Motion. (2017) (14 min.)


w.p. 29.11.2017 Vienna, Radiokulturhaus, Wien Modern, Ensemble XX. Jahrhundert, Peter Burwik

Hekatompedon - mirabilia mundi IV (2016)


w.p. 07.11.2016 Vienna, Wien Modern, Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Peter Keuschnig


Kammermusik IIa - extended version (2016)


w.p. 02.06.2016 Salzburg, Aspekte Festival, Ensemble XX. Jahrhundert, Peter Burwik


Kammermusik IIa (2016) -

w.p. 16.02.2016 Vienna, Altes Rathaus, ensemble reconsil, Roland Freisitzer


Kodama (2014)

for ensemble

w.p. 26.11.2015 Wien, Joseph Haydn Hall of the Music University, Ensemble Reconsil ("Exploring the World" Cycle), Roland Freisitzer


5 p.m. Istanbul (extended version) (2014)

for ensemble and electronics

w.p. 25.10.2014 Klosterneuburg, Schömer Haus, Max-Brand-Ensemble, Christoph Cech


Fatrasien II (2014)

for ensemble (10 minutes)

w.p. 10.03.2014 Vienna, Musikverein, Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Peter Keuschnig


Kammermusik II (2012) – piano – (9 minutes)

w.p. 25.04.2012 Bishkek, Opera, ensemble reconsil vienna, Roland Freisitzer (follow-up performance on 27.04.2012 Almaty, same musicians)


Voyage fantomeux (2012)

for violoncello (and singing saw), double bass and ensemble (13 minutes)

w.p. 21.03.2014 Vienna, Arnold Schönberg Center, Maria Frodl, Barbara Binder-Tanzler, ensemble reconsil vienna, Roland Freisitzer


1:3:1 (2011)

for clarinet, accordion and string trio (9 minutes)

w.p. 27.03.2011 Seoul, National Arts Center, ensemble reconsil vienna, Roland Freisitzer


4 Kindertotenlieder (2011)

for flute, accordion, viola, percussion and hackbrett

w.p. Klagenfurt, Musikfabrik Süd, Bruno Strobl


Euonymus 02/11/08 (2009/2010)

for tenor saxophone and ensemble (12 minutes)

w.p. 1st version 27.10.2009 Vienna, Off-Theater, Thomas Schön, ensemble reconsil vienna, Roland Freisitzer

w.p. 2nd version 15.11.2010 Vienna, Musikverein, Wien Modern, Gerald Preinfalk, Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Peter Keuschnig


Kammermusik (2010)

for 2 flutes and ensemble

w.p. 19.10.2010 Vienna, Arnold Schönberg Center, Maria Fedotova, Alexander Wagendristel, ensemble reconsil vienna, Roland Freisitzer


Flashroom (2008/2010)

for ensemble

w.p. 24.03.2010 Vienna, Arnold Schönberg Center, ensemble reconsil vienna, Roland Freisitzer


Viola Concerto (2009)

for viola and ensemble (or orchestra) – 1 perc – (or multiple strings)

w.p. 11.05.2010 Moscow, Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall, Julia Purgina, Studio New Music, Roland Freisitzer


Dogfood (2008)

for large ensemble

w.p. April 2008, Vienna, Studio Dan, Daniel Riegler


Mellifluence (2005)

Variations with obligato dancer

w.p. January 2006, Vienna


Chamber Music and Solo Works:


jedes ding atmet sein leben (2019) (2min.)

for E-flat clarinet and bass-clarinet

w.p. 15.09.2019, Mittersill, Petra Stump-Linshalm and Heinz-Peter Linshalm

Variations for string trio (2019) (12min)

w.p. 15.07.2019, Graz, Palais Attems, styriarte, Kreisler-Trio-Wien

Bagatelle pour Brigitte (2019) (4min)

for soprano, violin, cello and piano

text: Brigitte Stanek

w.p. 22.06.2019, Wien, Echoraum, Kaoko Amano, Yui Iwata Skweres, Tomasz Skweres, Diego Colatti

Vier Kindertotenlieder (2019) (10min)

for tenor, clarinet and double bass

w.p. 26.08.2019, Ossiach, Domenig Steinhaus, Carinthischer Sommer, Helmut Wildhaber, Vera Karner, Dominik Wagner

Preludio for Violin and Viola (2016)

w.p. 11.10.2016 Vienna, Alte Schmiede, enSuite Programme, Bojidara Kouzmanova-Vladar, Julia Purgina


Mirabilia Mundi III - Artemisium Ephesium (2015)

for piano solo

w.p. 12.01.2016 London, Purcell School, Songeun Choi


Mirabilia Mundi II - Turris Pharia (2015)

for recorder and string quartet

w.p. 14.10.2015 Vienna, Alte Schmiede, Sabine Federspieler, Koehne-Quartet


Mirabilia Mundi I - Semiramidis Horti Pensiles (2015)

for violin, violoncello and piano

w.p. 15.08.2015 Mürzzuschlag, JESS Trio


Silvia oder das Waldmärchen: Eine Schauspielmusik (2015)

w.p. 15.12.2016 Hoyerswerde, Oberschule am Stadtrand, Johanna Summereder and Lucie Delhaye


mini-fun(k)-piece for viola and double bass (2015)

for viola and double bass

w.p. 26.11.2015 Vienna, Off-Theatre, Daniel Moser, Maximilian Ölz


Salute a te, o divino pidocchio lunare (2014)

for violin, violoncello and piano

w.p. 27.09.2014 Eisenstadt, Haydn Chamber Ensemble


Fetzination (2014)

for 2 violoncellos

w.p. 14.03.2014 Vienna, Alte Schmiede, Celloduo Bughardt-Beer


4th String Quartet (2013)

w.p. 28.11.2013 Vienna, Konzerthaus, Hugo Wolf Quartet


Fatrasien I (2013)

for clarinet, violin and violoncello

w.p. August 2013, Brazil-Tour Ensemble Platypus


4 Intermezzi for piano solo (2013)

w.p. 13.06.2013 Berlin, Austrian Cultural Forum, Senka Brankovic


Short Piece for 3 Players (2012)

for oboe, accordion and percussion

w.p. 02.12.2012 Spittal/Drau, EXPAN


5 p.m. Istanbul (2012)

for live-improvising saxophone and tape

w.p. 09.09.2012 Vienna, Porgy & Bess, Clemens Salesny


Kammermusik III (2012)

for string quartet and portable organ

w.p. 12.10.2012 Vienna, Dorotheerkirche, Ensemble Lux & Matthias Krampe


Rondino für Hackbrett solo (2012)


3rd String Quartet (2012)

w.p. 13.01.2012 Vienna, Alte Schmiede, Ensemble LUX


Lunarium for Harpsichord (2011)

w.p. 2011, diverse performances on tour, Sonja Leipold


Lunarium for Percussion (2011)

not yet performed


Les Petites Vielles (2011)

for flute, violin, viola and violoncello

w.p. 29.03.2014 Vienna, Alte Schmiede, ensemble reconsil

first recorded for CD by Maria Fedotova and Ensemble LUX


Chambermusic (2010)

for bass voice, bass-clarinet and piano

w.p. 05.12.2010 Vienna, Off-Theatre, Lukas Haselböck & Cercle ensemble


Lunarium for Violin (2010)

w.p. July 2010, Basel, Bojidara Kouzmanova-Vladar


…quasi una siciliana… (2009)

for string quartet and piano

w.p. 18.12.2009 Vienna, Arnold Schönberg Center, Ensemble Wiener Collage


Lunarium for Contraforte (2009)

w.p. 20.05.2009 Vienna, Robert Gillinger


Lunarium for Viola (2009)

w.p. 06.05.2009 Vienna, Julia Purgina


Lunarium for Violoncello (2009)

w.p. 08.04.2009 Wels, Maria Frodl


Reiseskizzen for String Quartet (2008)

w.p. October 2008 Vienna


Reiseskizzen for String Trio (2008)

w.p. August 2008 Oslip


Mosquitof(l)ight for Violin (2007)

w.p. March 2008 Vienna


Ao-Jo Gesänge (2007)

for soprano and piano

w.p. December 2007 Kempten


Masslosigkeit for Piano Trio (2007)

w.p. March 2008 Vienna


Herbarium for Viola, Violoncello and Contrabass (2007)

w.p. April 2007 Vienna


Frederick (2006)

for Violin and Speaker (preferably, one person)

w.p. February 2007 Vienna


Chorus & Vocal Ensemble:


Zaubersprüche for vocal quintet

w.p. 28.+29.11.2016 Vienna, Ruprechtskirche, Arcantus Ensemble

Dignitatis Humanae for choir a capella

w.p. 07.12.2016 Graz, Dom, Styria Cantat VII, Herbert Bolterauer


Psalm 62 for choir and organ (2010)

w.p. 27.02.2011 St. Pölten


Sonnet for five singers and lute (2010)

w.p. 16.09.2010 St. Veit an der Glan, Ensemble I Fagiolini



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